Gun Safety: The Debate On Children And Guns In The Home
Gun Safety: The Debate On Children And Guns In The Home

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Dr. Louis St. Petery, M.D.
Gun Safety
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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) joins the Florida Pediatric Society and other physicians and medical professionals in expressing deep concern over the advancement of Florida Senate Bill 432 and House Bill 155, legislation which would restrict pediatricians' ability to ask patients and parents simple counseling questions about gun safety without fear of sanctions from the state medical board. Dr. Louis St. Petery, M.D. comes on the show to discuss this ongoing battle and to help parents realize the incredible dangers of having a firearm in a home with children. The AAP calls on Florida’s lawmakers to reject this legislation and to keep children safe by maintaining a strong physician-patient-family relationship.
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Dr. Louis St. Petery, M.D. grew up in Orange Park, FL, attended Duke University as an undergraduate, and got his M.D. degree at the University of Florida, where he also did a pediatric cardiology fellowship. He currently practices pediatric cardiology in Tallahassee, FL, since completing training in 1974. His wife, Julia Revell St. Petery, is a general pediatrician and practices in the same office since 1976.

He is the Executive Vice President of the Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, also known as the Florida Pediatric Society. He also serves as the Legislative Chairman of the Florida Pediatric Society. He is also the point person for a class action lawsuit which the Florida Pediatric Society and others have filed against Florida Medicaid for failure to assure that Medicaid children have access to health and dental care, to the same degree as the children covered by commercial insurance, as required by federal law. That litigation was filed in 2005, is now in the trial phase in federal District Court in Miami, and is expected to take another year to complete. It is their hope that the judge will order the State of Florida to increase payment rates to physicians and dentists so that Medicaid children will have appropriate access to health and dental care, and order this date to fix the administrative barriers that prevent Medicaid children from accessing health and dental care.

His involvement in the firearms safety issue as it relates to children came as a result of legislation introduced in the Florida Legislature this year which seeks to prevent pediatricians from asking parents whether there are guns in the home, discussing gun safety, and recording that information in the medical record.
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