Health Needs  of the Newly Adopted Child
Health Needs of the Newly Adopted Child

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Dr. V. Faye Jones, M.D., PhD, MSPH
Health Needs of Adopted Children
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An increasing number of children are being adopted into loving homes, but it is important for adoptive parents to be aware of any previously unrecognized medical issues, and be prepared to provide appropriate medical care. Dr. V. Faye Jones, M.D., PhD, MSPH comes on the show to discuss the AAP clinical report, “Comprehensive Health Evaluation of the Newly Adopted Child,” in the January 2012 Pediatrics (published online Dec. 26), the AAP recommends that adopted children undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation immediately after being placed in an adoptive home.
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A professor of pediatrics, Dr. Jones is the medical director of UofL Pediatrics-Broadway, a primary care teaching practice of the University of Louisville Department of Pediatrics. She has recently been appointed interim chief of the UofL Pediatrics Division of General Pediatrics, as well.

As Associate Dean of Minority and Rural Affairs at the University of Louisville, Dr. Jones is responsible for the Area Health Education Centers throughout Kentucky. She oversees the university’s medical and dental school minority and underserved populations recruiting and retention programs and supervises its physician recruitment office in Madisonville, Ky.

Dr. Jones completed medical school and her pediatric residency at the University of Louisville and began practicing pediatrics in 1988 at an inner city clinic in Milwaukee. She returned to Louisville in 1990. She earned a master’s degree from UofL’s School of Public Health in 2001 and a doctorate in 2006.
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