A Story of Healing
A Story of Healing

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Jane Whetstone
Healing and Battling Disease
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Jane Whetstone, founder of Jane's Healing Houses joins the show to discuss her amazing true life story of health and healing. When diagnosed in 1987 with Lupus, Atypical Rheumatic Disease and Fibromyalgia her life crashed down around her, but she endured and took one step at a time and is here to share her miraculous journey!
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Diagnosed with Lupus, Atypical Rheumatic Disease, and Fibromyalgia Syndrome over fifteen years ago, Jane Whetstone has learned to do the hard work to get well. Her philosophy on healing is taking one day at a time, learn as much as possible about the illness you have been diagnosed with, as well as being proactive in your own health.

Prior to her diagnosis, she was an avid athlete and top marketing director, so her life took a dramatic turn when the illnesses arrived. Jane is living proof that being proactive in your own wellness works. Her success came from: changing her diet, exercise, positive reading, journaling, prayer time, pet rescue. She believes finding a sense of balance in life is important: physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Jane is completing her memoir, as well as starting her own foundation to promote health and healing.
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