What Do Your Genes Know That You Don't?
What Do Your Genes Know That You Don't?

Show: You The Owner's Manual w/ Dr. Michael Roizen

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Brandon Colby, MD
Forecasting Your Health and RealAge Tips
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Brandon Colby, MD, author of "Outsmart Your Genes", explains how predictive medicine and genetic testing can provide valuable insight into what may lie ahead in your health future and how you can use genetic information to help prevent problems before they occur.

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Brandon Colby, M.D., is a world leader in the revolutionary field of predictive medicine. This new medical specialty combines comprehensive genetic testing with personalized prevention in order to provide you with clear solutions to protect and improve your health. The primary goal of predictive medicine is to empower you to fight back and protect yourself against disease before it ever manifests.

He is currently the only physician in the world to have invented his own state-of-the-art comprehensive genetic testing gene chip that is capable of cost-effectively detecting risks for hundreds of disease predispositions at a single time. In addition to being the founder and CEO of Existence Genetics, a company that provides predictive medicine services to the health care industry, he is also the Medical Director of Existence Health, a predictive medicine private practice in Los Angeles, and the author of the popular book Outsmart Your Genes.
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Dr. Mike Roizen
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