A Life Saved: Laboratory Professionals Make a Difference
A Life Saved: Laboratory Professionals Make a Difference

Show: Life, Love and Health - Special Edition

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Mary Ann McLane, PhD, MLS, ASCLS President
Laboratory Practitioners
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Mary Ann McLane discusses her organization’s recruitment and training efforts in this show designed to bring awareness to the impending shortage of clinical laboratory practitioners.

Mary Ann McLane, President of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS), discusses this preeminent organization for non-physician clinical laboratory science practitioners, which provides dynamic leadership and vigorously promotes all aspects of clinical laboratory science practice, education and management to ensure excellent, accessible cost-effective laboratory services for the consumers of health care. There are many “clinical lab” professional societies in existence, but ASCLS is the one which has been said to be willing to “lift the heavy burden” when it comes to advocating for our patients and profession.
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Mary Ann McLane, PhD, MLS, ASCLS President, Professor, Dept. of Medical Technology, University of Delaware
Christopher Springmann
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