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Brooke Siler, Pilates Instructor to the Stars
Shaping Your Body, Awake and in Your Sleep
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Dr. Friedman welcomes Brooke Siler to the show to share how Pilates has changed the nation’s very image of what fitness should be. Brooke is known as the “Pilates Instructor to the Stars” as her clients consist of celebrities such as Julia Stiles, Liv Tyler, Amber Valletta, Madonna, Kirsten Dunst and many more. As a New York Times bestselling author of The Pilates Body, which still holds the title of #1 bestselling Pilates book EVER! Brooke was one of the first to make Pilates accessible to the masses. Her book Your Ultimate Pilates Body Challenge revolutionizes the world of Pilates, reinventing how and where Pilate is performed, taking it from the gym to your home! Join Dr. Friedman and Brooke as they share how you can incorporate Pilates into your everyday activities!
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Brooke Siler began her Pilates career in 1994 under the tutelage of Master Instructor Romana Kryzanowska (Joseph Pilates’ protégé for more than 30 years). After receiving her national authentic Pilates certification in 1996 Brooke Siler began training famous friends on floor mats in their homes. Clients immediately were taken by the positive results of Pilates and by year’s end Brooke had begun the business of training from her home.

Many more famous clients were quick to refer their friends to Brooke, and before long word of mouth had spread to the press about this extraordinary fitness method being embraced by models and celebrities. It was a matter of months before Brooke’s business grew too large to continue in her living room. So, in 1997, she created and opened re:AB , which has grown to become New York City’s most successful studio for authentic Pilates.

In January 2000, Brooke’s first book, The Pilates Body, was published by Broadway Books. By August The Pilates Body soared to #12 on The New York Times bestseller list. The Pilates Body continues to be the best selling Pilates book of all time.

Brooke is one of the most sought after instructors in the industry teaching workshops at prestigious institutions such as the Omega Institute and Kripalu Center as well as international speaking/teaching engagements for Pilates professionals and fitness institutions.
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Dr. David Friedman
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