Reduce Your Risk Of Wireless Radiation
Reduce Your Risk Of Wireless Radiation

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Kerry Crofton, Ph.D.
Safeguard Your Family From Electro-Pollution
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Dr. Kerry Crofton joins Danika to explain why growing number of people are choosing to reduce their risks associated with wireless radiation. Dr. Crofton will offer advice that will let you stay plugged in and stay safe at the same time.
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Kerry Crofton, PhD, of Victoria, BC, is a health educator, and the director of WellBeing International. Her new book, Wireless Radiation Rescue, is the first to bring together the research and recommendations of the world's leading scientists and clinicians, both for the general public and other health care professionals. Dr. Crofton is a member of the International EMF Alliance, a consortium of leading experts in this field.

Dr. Crofton has a doctorate in health psychology, and her thirty years of professional work includes a clinical practice, directing a biofeedback clinic, and developing and delivering wellness programs for air traffic controllers, commercial and fighter pilots, nurses, and others in high-stress occupations. She has also directed a hospital-based cardiac program, co-produced a television program on heart health, and wrote The Healthy Type A (Macmillan 1998).
Danika Quinn
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