Keeping Your Little Ones Sinuses Open This Winter
Keeping Your Little Ones Sinuses Open This Winter

Show: Health Talk Radio w/ Melanie Cole M.S.

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Dr. Diane G. Heatley, M.D.
Pediaitric and Adult Sinus Issues
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Sinus irrigation, also known as a sinus wash or lavage, is a simple procedure that can help to increase drainage of the sinuses. For people with seasonal allergies, sinus irrigation can help to remove pollens from the nose and relive discomfort.

Dr. Diane Heatley, M.D., comes on the show to discuss keeping your family healthy this winter by using some very simple cleansing techniques for adults and children alike.
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Diane G. Heatley, M.D., is a leading sinus expert and developer of the SinuCleanse® nasal wash system.

Dr. Heatley practices pediatric otolaryngology in Madison, Wisconsin, where she has served as Associate Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin, School of Medicine since 1993.

In 1995, a co-worker who was studying yoga introduced the neti pot nasal wash to Dr. Heatley. Intrigued, she began using it in her ear, nose and throat practice and now recommends it nearly every day to both children and adults who suffer from sinus disease.

Traditionally, neti pots are made of ceramic or glass. These tend to break, particularly when used by children whose hands are slippery with water and who drop them in unforgiving locations like the bathroom sink. To address this, Dr. Heatley helped develop the SinuCleanse® system – an unbreakable plastic version of the traditional yoga nasal washing pot, complete with prepackaged instructions for use and dry ingredient packets to mix a safe and comfortable irrigating solution. In 1997, Dr. Heatley and Dave Gallo founded Madison, Wisconsin-based Med-Systems, Inc. where she currently serves as president.

Bolstered by scientific evidence and positive word of mouth, the SinuCleanse® system is now available nationwide at Walgreens, CVS, Brooks, Eckerd, Longs Drugs and other fine pharmacies. As spokesperson for Med-Systems, Dr. Heatley has been seen and heard on Madison’s WKOW channel 27 and Los Angeles’ KRLA radio, and quoted in Dow Jones Newswires, Better Homes & Gardens, Newsday, Milwaukee Business Journal, Wisconsin State Journal, Chain Drug Review, Drug Week, Ear, Nose & Throat Journal and Natural Health magazine.

Certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology, Dr. Heatley’s practice focuses on the evaluation and management of pediatric sinus disease, congenital abnormalities of the head and neck, airway reconstruction, adenotonsillar disease, and pediatric hearing loss and cochlear implantation. Dr. Heatley's research interests include chronic sinusitis in children, cystic fibrosis and sinus disease, and other issues in pediatric otolaryngology. After earning her bachelor’s of science degree in history from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr. Heatley went on to earn a doctor of medicine degree at the University of Wisconsin, School of Medicine. She received her otolaryngology training at the University of Wisconsin and additional pediatric otolaryngology training at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, St. Louis, Mo. She resides with her family in Madison, Wisconsin.
Melanie Cole, M.S.
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