Facts Regarding the Effects of Drugs in the United States
Facts Regarding the Effects of Drugs in the United States Featured

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Tony Bylsma
Drug Prevention and Addiction
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Drug prevention expert, Tony Bylsma joins the show to discuss the effects drugs are having on Americans and how to help loved ones prevent drug use.
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Tony Bylsma went through the whole drug scene in the sixties and seventies, along with a lot of his friends. He came close to dying on speed when he lived in San Francisco in the mid-seventies and realized he needed to change. He tried to stop many times, but in 1976, Tony joined the Narconon Missouri Drug Rehab Program as it was just starting up in St. Louis.

Tony has been drug free ever since, going on 34 years. He joined the staff of Narconon in July 1976. This was a full, live-in, rehabilitation facility. They helped addicts beat their addictions to just about every drug you have ever heard of, and quite a few you haven’t. In the early 1980s, Tony began speaking on the subject of drugs to groups of children and adults, students and teachers. Other speakers and he from the Narconon Drug Education program have spoken to groups of all types: churches, Rotaries, YMCAs, boys clubs, PTAs etc. All told, Tony has spoken to more than 300,000 people on the subject of drugs and drug abuse.
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