Multiple Sclerosis:  Making Life Easier
Multiple Sclerosis: Making Life Easier

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Shelley Peterman Schwarz
Living a Healthier Life Despite Life's Challenges
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Motivational speaker and award-winning writer and author, Shelley Peterman Schwarz joins the show to discuss living with multiple sclerosis and how to best overcome any of life's health challenges.
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Shelley Peterman Schwarz graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and was a teacher of the hearing impaired in the Madison (WI) Metropolitan School District for 13 years. In 1979, Shelley learned that she had multiple sclerosis. Shelley is a motivational speaker and award-winning writer and author. Her “Tips for Making Life Easier™” have appeared in numerous media outlets including the A Second Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul, Family Circle, Arthritis Today, Neurology Now, Momentum, NPR, and the Discovery Channel.
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