What Message Are We Sending Our Youth?
What Message Are We Sending Our Youth?

Show: Healthy Children - The Talk Show for Parents

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Dr Don Shifrin/ Dr Mike Brody
Teaching Our Children Civility in The Media
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The most important skills we can teach our children are how to respect, value, and support other children, especially those who are different from their lifestyle, cultural or religious background, social characteristics, or learning style. Our children need to learn from us to be inclusive in their social relationships, not exclusive.

Drs. Don Shifrin and Dr Mike Brody comes on the show for a lively discussion of civility in the media, and how we can teach our children to respect those with differing opinions and how we can have civilized debate with out ugly namecalling.
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Dr. Shifrin is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University Of Washington School Of Medicine in Seattle, and has been in private practice at Pediatric Associates, Inc, PS. in Bellevue, Washington, for 31 years. Dr. Shifrin was chair of the AAP Committee on Communications from 2003-2007. The Committee recognizes and evaluates the many positive and negative messages communicated to children from the media. The Committee formulates responses to media issues, publishes formal AAP media policy statements, and promotes education related to the impact of these messages on the health of children. He facilitated the Committee merging with the Academy’s Section on Media to form a new AAP Council on Communications and Media, where he served as vice-chair from 2007-2008. He was the recipient of the AAP’s 2009 Holroyd-Sherry Award.

Dr. Shifrin also served on the AAP Task Force on Obesity for two years as a representative from the Committee on Communications. The task force sunsetted in 2007. He was on the advisory board of Civitas, a non-profit organization developing tools for shaping children’s lives. Civitas ceased as a web resource in 2009.

Dr Brody is a Board Certified practicing child psychiatrist, and until 2004, the creator and CEO of Psychiatric Center, the largest provider of mental health services to the chronically ill in the District of Columbia. He is Chair of the Television and Media Committee of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Liaison to The American Academy of Pediatrics COCOM (Public Education and Media) Committee, and Professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland, where he teaches a course on Children and the Media. He is also chair of the Celebrity Section of The Popular Culture Association. He had been one of the key advocates in the creation of the Children’s Television Section of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, The Children’s TV Ratings, The COPPA(Children’s Online privacy and Protection Act) while on the board of The Center for Media Education. His latest book is Messages: Self Help Through Popular Culture. He has published widely on Children’s issues from Disney to Direct to Consumer advertising of psychiatric drugs for kids (Psychotropic Drugs and Popular Culture).Most recently, he is one of the authors of A Physicians Guide to Media Violence and has written chapters on Toys for The St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture, and Batman in the recently published Using Superheroes in Counseling and Play Therapy.
Melanie Cole, M.S.
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