What Parents Can Do Before Sending Their Child Back to School
What Parents Can Do Before Sending Their Child Back to School

Show: Healthy Children - The Talk Show for Parents

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Suzanne Corrigan, MD, FAAP
Asthma and Learning Disabilities
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Asthma and allergies are the most common chronic childhood diseases. Asthma affects nearly five million American children, while allergies affect about 50 million. Many children with asthma miss out on school, sports, and other childhood activities. It is important for family members to learn how to identify and avoid asthma and allergen triggers; recognize and present asthma attacks, understand medications, and help manage symptoms.

Dr.Suzanne Corrigan, MD, FAAP, comes on the show to discuss how parents can help their children avoid Asthma Triggers in the Fall and what parents can do before sending their child back to school. She will also discuss the link between Asthma and learning disabilities.
Guest Info
Dr. Suzanne L.Corrigan is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a spokesperson for American Academy of Pediatrics. She is an Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at U of Texas Southwestern Medical School where she also received her M.D.She is a member of the Council on Developmental Pediatrics the council on Learning disabilities and does asthma management of many patients. She is also member of the TAsk Force on Early Childhood Intervention for State of Texas.She is a mom of 3 and her 2 daughters are both physicians and pediatric residents in training.
Melanie Cole, M.S.
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