How to Go From Bulk to Lean Muscle
How to Go From Bulk to Lean Muscle

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Odalis Urena
Weight Loss, Fitness and Flushing Your Fat
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Odalis Urena, fitness model, bodybuilder, nutritional consultant and trainer joins the show to tell his inspiring personal story of body transformation. He will also provide tips on building lean muscle and toning your muscles for the "beach body" look.
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Odalis Urena is a Fitness Model, Natural Bodybuilder, Nutritional Consultant, Personal Trainer, Recording Artist, Actor and Writer. From when he was young, he would watch wrestling and dream about having a physique like the ones he saw on TV. In the back of his mind, he knew that one day he would be able to reach that goal. He began lifting weights at the age of 13, with the hope of one day walking around the beach with confidence. He continued to work out, and although he gained mass and looked good with his clothes on, he did not look the part without the clothes on. Every time he would be asked nutrition and training tips, he would feel so disappointed because he knew what he had to do, yet he could never take off his shirt at the beach with any confidence.

The turning point of his life came when he decided to take action and ask IFBB Pro bodybuilder, Colette Nelson, for advice. Colette mentored him and told him he would make a great fitness Model. He decided to take pictures to showcase his hard work, and the rest is history. Colette introduced him to Pro bodybuilder, Dave Palumbo, who has been there for him ever since; he put him on board with his supplement company Species Evolutionary Nutrition. In this short amount of time he has competed in his first Natural Bodybuilding Show and Appeared in two Fitness Magazines.
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