Nutritional Pollution:  Keeping Your Immune System Healthy
Nutritional Pollution: Keeping Your Immune System Healthy

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Dr. Wayne Andersen
Healthy Immune System
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July is Herbal/Prescription Interaction Awareness Month and Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen is changing the way Americans view their health and bodies. His scientifically based health plan reverses previous medical conditions by highlighting the trigger points which indicate problems in the body and replaces medications with lifestyle food, nutrition and exercise changes. Dr. Andersen joins the show to discuss the value of nutrients and how to keep a healthy immune system.
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Dr. Wayne Andersen is the tenth board-certified physician in critical care who helped pioneer the emerging subspecialty of intensive care medicine and is one of the nation's foremost physicians in nutritional intervention. He is the co-founder of Take Shape for Life and Executive Director of the Health Institute, a training and certification organization in the emerging field of health coaching. He also is a reviewer for Critical Care Medicine Journal in the area of nutrition. He has been a keynote speaker and presenter at medical and nutrition conferences across the United States and has been featured on numerous affiliate-based morning shows across the United States.
Dr. Derrick DeSilva
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