Why So Many Americans Are Seeking Out Alternative Remedies
Why So Many Americans Are Seeking Out Alternative Remedies

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Richard Geller
Alternative Healing Methods
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Richard Geller, a leading natural health advocate and author of “Oxygen Remedy” comes on the show to discuss why alternative medicines are being so successful and why so many Americans are seeking out alternative remedies.
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Richard Geller is a pioneering natural health advocate, best selling author and publisher of over 30 courses and coaching programs. He founded over 11 companies. One was the Internet technology company Amazing Media, another was a publishing company and yet another developed custom clothing for busy executives.

When he was a boy, Mr. Geller was diagnosed with debilitating asthma and even the fatal disease lupus. He went from doctor to doctor, from medical center to medical center but his medical problems grew worse and worse.

In 2005, Mr. Geller stumbled upon a major body of medical research originating from a little-known Russian doctor and scientist. Within one week, he took his last puff or pill of asthma medication. Mr. Geller studied this method with the world experts and within a few years had coached many prominent people and helped them cure their health problems.

Mr. Geller provides coaching and help for people with major health problems and helps them first lose weight and recover from sickness, and then reach a state of fantastic health regardless of their age.

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