Exciting New Blood Test for Colon Cancer

Show: Health Talk Radio w/ Melanie Cole M.S.

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Dr. Kevin Jones, Ph.D.,
Colon Cancer Screening Breakthrough
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"American Cancer Society statistics show that when colon cancer is detected in its early stages, more than 90% of patients will survive. If not detected until the later stages, fewer than 10% will survive. ColoMarker(tm) detects colon cancer in these early, highly curable stages," says Kevin Jones, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of EDP.

According to American Cancer Society statistics, fewer than 20% of Americans over the age of 50 who should be screened for colon cancer, actually are. Dr Jones comes on the show to discuss the use of ColoMarker(tm), a simple and inexpensive blood test, that could potentally increase the number of people being screened and lead to a decline in deaths due to colon cancer.
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Dr. Jones is Chief Scientific Officer of EDP Biotech Corporation. Dr. Jones moved into Biotechnoloogy over 18 years ago at BioCell (now known as British Biocell International). After working briefly as a consultant he joined Whatman as Technology Manager Diagnostics in 1997. In 2003 He moved to the US and became Technical Marketing Manager Diagnostics. Kevin joined E$DP Biotech in 2007 as Chief Scientific Officer. In the last 18 years Kevin has authored 12 papers, 34 posters and 6 patents on rapid diagnostics. He is a regular speaker at conferences including those sponsored by the AACC; IFCC; JSCLA; BIVDA and CHI. Kevin has served on committees at BIVDA and the CLSI, and also is a member of the IVD Technology Editorial advisory board. Kevin holds a BSc and PhD in Chemistry from the University of Wales.
Melanie Cole, M.S.
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