Ways to Combat Neck and Back Pain
Ways to Combat Neck and Back Pain

Show: Health Talk Radio w/ Melanie Cole M.S.

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Dr. Raymond Hall
Management of Neck and Back Pain
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On average, Americans spend over 25 to 30 years of their life sleeping. Consumers often spend thousands of dollars on expensive mattresses to help with spinal pain, if a cheap fluffy pillow is paired with it, the pain will continue. Dr.Raymond Hall joins the show to discuss “the alignment of the head to the rest of the body as being one of the foremost secrets to eliminating neck pain.”
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For more than 25 years, Dr. Hall has been known for treating athletes in the Professional Golf Association, National Basketball Association and the Association of Tennis Professionals, as well as being the chiropractor of choice for many celebrities. In 1983 Dr. Hall was hired by the Army Corp of Engineers to help enlist men to increase their fitness levels; upon graduation he also worked at the International Sports Medicine Institute and for 21 years worked at the helm of his own practice in Los Angeles.

Recently, Dr. Hall was featured on ABC's hit show Dancing with the Stars, treating model and leading contestant Brooke Burke's serious foot injury. He served as the chiropractic doctor for the renowned Santa Monica Track Club (including alumnus and Olympic star Carl Lewis) and, for years, treated the track and field superstars at the renowned Mount Sac Relay, Sunkist and Los Angeles Times Invitationals annually.

Dr. Hall was schooled at the prestigious Western State Chiropractic College in Portland, Ore., known as the “Harvard of Chiropractic Schools” and is a native of the state.

A natural entrepreneur, Dr. Hall has created two patented designs that help patients get out of pain and into life. The first, the “Hall Vector System”, was an ambulatory traction system and the most recent is the “Pillo1” eco-luxe neck pillow.

Dr. Hall launched Pillo1 in 2009 and continues his full time practice.
Melanie Cole, M.S.
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